Help get fresh produce to Feeding America® food banks.

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Adopt an ugly veggie

(Well, not physically adopt — it's more of a symbolic thing to help Feeding America® get fresh produce to people in need by making a donation. But you can absolutely call an adopted veggie your child and place a framed photo in your foyer.)

Donate as little as a dollar to adopt an ugly (but kind of adorable) veggie and help Feeding America® get fresh produce to families in need. Subway® Restaurants are matching every donation*, so adopt today!

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Onion saying "Hello" The ugly truth:

Millions of Americans don’t have access to fresh produce.

Our Mission

At Subway® Restaurants, we’ve made it our mission to provide easy, affordable access to fresh vegetables and nutritious food every day. Now, we’re partnering with Feeding America® to get fresh produce to people in need through their nationwide network of food banks.

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Millions of Americans lack access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Why access to fresh fruits and veggies is a big deal:

The lack of access to fresh produce puts people at greater risk of diseases like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, some types of cancer and obesity.

It’s an especially serious concern for young children. Healthy eating habits begin to form as young as 12 months, and limited access to fresh produce can spiral into unhealthy eating habits that carry on through adulthood.

Feeding America® is working to tackle this issue with a system designed to reduce food waste and close the nutrition gap by sourcing and distributing excess produce to member food banks across the U.S.